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Jemapur - Evacuation (2008) 
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Post Jemapur - Evacuation (2008)
  Wysłano: Poniedziałek, 10 Listopada 2008, 14:35

W+K Tokyo Lab presents
Jemapur | Evacuation
08-11-26 Release
CD+DVD / ¥3.200 (tax-in) / TOCT-26744 / WKM 011

01. Break The Silence
02. Panter Time
03. Clarte (feat. Cutsigh)
04. Repetition At Dawn
05. Keep It Loose With Loose Joints
06. Maledict Car
07. Documents
08. Stern
09. Invisible Departure
10. Reprocessing Plant
11. Vexations
12. Aanaatt
13. Witch’s Blue Remix
14. Nook

01. Beneath The Water Surface (Director : Kosai Sekine)
02. Aanaatt (Director : Max Hattler)
03. Maledict Car (Director : Kosai Sekine)
04. Clarte (Director : Genki Ito)


Born in 1986 and currently 21 years old, Jemapur was brought up in a family enthusiastic about classical music. He started playing the piano when he was a child, and by elementary school he was composing music in his own unique style. In the year 2000, he began composing music digitally. In 2002 he launched his own music label, and garnered attention by remixing overseas artists such as Nacht Plack and Machine Drum. He also wrote music for the Japanese MC unit 降神 (Origami) and Shibito, acclaimed for their originality and expression. His work in 2004-2005 drew the interest of track maker and producer Nujabes, and Jemapur’s first full album, “Dok Springs” was released on Nujabes’s label “Hydeout Productions” in 2006. The album appeals to a wide range of listeners and has sold over 7000 copies to date.

Jemapur’s highly evolved compositional skills steeped in the classic tradition are perfectly hybridized with his acute sensitivities as a new generation beat maker baptized in electronic music. The tracks are deceptively simple constructions which, upon deeper listening, reveal themselves to be beautifully detailed and complex. His ultimate theme is exploring how his personal hero, J.S. Bach, would compose electronic music in these modern times. Recently, he is broadening his activities, and has joined with Audio Active guitarist Cutsigh to form experimental unit “DELMAK”.

The artist Jemapur has evolved dramatically since his former and first album 2 years ago. Evacuation is his second album. The 14 tracks have been carefully selected from a massive repertoire of compositions created between 2006 – 2008. DVD includes 4 fresh music video as well.

The music videos:

01. Beneath The Water Surface (Director : Kosai Sekine)
A collaboration with W+K Tokyo Lab and Kosai Sekine, the director Jemapur worked with on “Maledict Car”. The world beneath the water surface is executed gorgeously with a super high speed camera. Audio track will only be available online.

02. Aanaatt (Director : Max Hattler)
A stop-motion animation film from the up and coming German creator Max Hattler. The high-quality animation is fixed-film, shot through a fixed point camera, bringing a fresh new dimension to Jemapur’s musical world.

03. Maledict Car (Director : Kosai Sekine) 
Included in Tokyo Ten (W+K Tokyo Lab) released in July 2008. The nighttime Tokyo images captured on HD camera for this video are a perfect depiction of what foreigners would imagine the futuristic cyber-city of “Tokyo” to look like. The piece was recently featured in Kanye West’s blog, and is currently attracting a lot of attention especially overseas.

04. Clarte (Director : Genki Ito)
The latest film by W+K Tokyo Lab creator, Genki Ito. The concept is nuclear fusion in the micro world, matching poetic animation to a heavy-hitting track.

+ trailery klipów
+ Maledict Car obejrzyj cały klip

Video do "Maledict Car" mnie rozłożyło na łopatki jak oglądałem pierwszy raz, muzycznie jak i od strony filmowej/zdjęć to jest perełka. "Dok Springs" się nadal jaram; od momentu gdy się dowiedziałem, że J pracuje nad nowym krążkiem czekam jak nic. 26 listopad!


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Post Re: Jemapur - Evacuation (2008)
  Wysłano: środa, 10 Grudnia 2008, 13:57
`maledict car` rozpieprza, fajnie się patrzy na miasto wieczorem z tym kawałkiem na uszach.

czerwonych do wora, a wór do jeziora

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