New super heroes warp into Marvel Future Fight
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Autor:  cuberwhite [ środa, 24 Lipca 2019, 04:55 ]
Tytuł:  New super heroes warp into Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble Games has announced the launch of Marvel Future Fight, its latest RPG for iOS and Android devices. The game features 36 of Marvel’s biggest superheroes and villains, who star in a storyline written by Marvel comics writer Peter David. In the game, players will work to prevent the end of the world by collecting heroes and completing missions.

Marvel Future Fight features a story penned by Peter David, co-creator of Spider-Man 2099 and a prolific comics author. The narrative comes to life between levels through pictures of characters talking to each other – not the most exciting way to tell a story. And yet, the writing is actually quite clever! David nails the banter and humor we expect our heroes to rely on when the chips are down, and even jokes about the robotic villain Ultron's origin having been changed in the latest Avengers movie.

The premise revolves around a mysterious apocalypse that has all but destroyed the future world. To save humankind from disaster, a dying Nick Fury sends the female robot Jocasta back in time to warn the Avengers. She must help them – and the player – build a team of heroes and villains strong enough to stop the dimension-hopping villains and save the world!

The latest game update will also add new uniforms for existing characters in the game, with Agent Venom’s Agent Anti-Venom uniform, Quicksilver’s Marvel Legacy uniform, and Medusa’s Monsters Unleashed uniform. Beginning with the new update, players can also now collect and upgrade specific uniforms in the all-new Uniform Collection feature to receive special rewards. Hawkeye and Loki’s new classic uniforms have been added to this new game feature.

Autor:  knarku [ środa, 24 Lipca 2019, 15:46 ]
Tytuł:  Re: New super heroes warp into Marvel Future Fight

any gameplay?

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